Have a calm and stress free surrogacy. Release fears, stress and anxiety associated with IVF, the pregnancy and childbirth…

“I’m the Master of my Fate, I’m the Captain of my Soul”

                                                     William Ernest Henley, Invictus

Heal your past and embrace your future. Release the memories that are affecting your current well-being... 


Reestablish confidence in your body and release the anxiety associated with your own fertility...

phobias and traumatic memories affecting their current well-being, so they can feel happier, more alive, and connected with others. 

He currently lives in the Bay Area California, where he has access to clients world-wide. If you are local to the Bay Area you can see him at his private practice in the city of Santa Clara. Or you can schedule a Skype video session with him. 

Esteban Molina is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a certified regression therapist, certified Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology educator, and Reiki master. He focuses on assisting his clients heal their past, find their inner light, experience mind-body-spirit balance, and develop a sense of overall well-being.

He has a degree in psychology from his native country, Colombia. He worked as a psychotherapist in a medical institution before moving to the United States, where he continued his studies in hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Energy Psychology (EP) and Core Energetics. He trained on Past-Life regression therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss.

He works with a wide variety of clients specializing in fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. He helps moms release fears and anxiety associated with their own ability to get pregnant and keep a healthy and stress-free pregnancy. At the same time, Esteban helps moms create a safe and loving environment for the unborn child. He also specializes in Regression Therapy, helping clients overcome fears,

Uncover your inner light and project its full spectrum of colors onto the world.




Experience a calm and emotionally balanced pregnancy by releasing fears, stress and tension...

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