Hypnotherapy helps moms regain their own natural ability to give birth by releasing associated fears and taking control of their birthing body, so they can experience an energized and calm birth.


  • Experience an awake, energized childbirth, due to total relaxation throughout the birthing process.
  • Regulate breathing during labor. 
  • Decrease risks for premature labor. 
  • Reduce the need for medication during labor, lowering the risk of side effects on mother and baby.
  • Shorten the labor process.
  • Help in turning breech and posterior babies. 
  • Reduce pain and fear of the birthing experience. 
  • Fewer interventions and complications during childbirth.

Heal your past and embrace your future. Release the memories that are affecting your current well-being... 

Through Hypnotherapy and Energy Psychology the pregnant mom achieves deeper levels of calmnessrelaxation and well-being and a powerful mind-body connection during pregnancy and childbirth.

In many occasions a pregnant mom experiences high levels of stress, anxiety and emotional imbalance due to relationship issues, work challenges, hormonal changes, anxiety  and fear of childbirth. All these factors can affect the stability of a pregnancy, impact the mother/child relationship, and lead to unexpected complications. 

Esteban targets the main factors affecting the mom’s well-being by assisting her in building a strong resilient resource system, establishing a deep, trusting, and safe connection with the unborn child, and helping her shift belief systems that are no longer beneficial. 

Outside factors may be affecting the emotional well-being of the unborn child, causing trauma and forming long lasting scars that shape the way the child will relate with others and with him/herself. Through hypnotherapy, the mom is able to connect directly with her unborn child, help him or her process traumatic experiences, heal or prevent emotional scars, and foster a safe and trusting relationship with the child's environment.

Have a calm and stress free surrogacy. Release fears, stress and anxiety associated with IVF process, the pregnancy and childbirth…


Have a calm and stress free surrogacy. Release fears, stress and anxiety associated with IVF, the pregnancy and childbirth…

Experience a calm and emotionally balanced pregnancy by releasing fears, stress and tension...


the baby

Reestablish confidence in your body and release the anxiety associated with your own fertility...

Babies are conscious, sentients beings from the time of the conception. They remember what happens to them during conception, while in the womb and at birth, setting in motion life patterns that will continue with them during their rest of their lives.

During their life in the womb, the babies’ environment is composed by the different emotions the mother experiences. The babies at that stage, don’t have the ability to discern between what is a real threat to them and what is not, so they end up responding in the same way, developing already the necessary skills to survive in that environment.

When they experience a peaceful and harmless environment, and the mother feels within herself security, safety, freedom from anxiety, the baby she gives birth ca have a higher advanced evolutionary brain and a reduced survival brain, but if the mother feels under threat, or feels a lot of anxiety during the pregnancy, then the environment is the opposite and the baby can have a more enlarged survived brain, reducing their intellectual creative  brain.

“When we honor the wholeness of our baby’s spirit as their body is conceived and as they are nurtured in the womb and birthed… and when we appreciate their conception, womb life, and birth as their unique sacred journey into human life, we can compensate when everything doesn’t go well, when life happens”.      Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty, PHD “Welcoming Consciousness”


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