​With the use of the HypnoBirthing® technique and other Energy Psychology modalities, the surrogate mothers open themselves to the possibility of experiencing a satisfying, relaxing and stress-free way of birthing. This program teaches you the art and joy of experiencing birth in a more comfortable manner. The surrogate mother will learn how to connect to her body and call upon its own natural relaxant, lessening, or even eliminating discomfort and the need for medication. 

When there is a proper preparation for childbirth, the surrogate mother’s mind and body balances, and nature is free to function in the same well-designed manner that it does with all animal mothers in nature. 

Reestablish confidence in your body and release the anxiety associated with your own fertility...

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Heal your past and embrace your future. Release the memories that are affecting your current well-being... 


Have a calm and stress free surrogacy. Release fears, stress and anxiety associated with IVF, the pregnancy and childbirth…

Uncover your inner light and project its full spectrum of colors onto the world.


About Childbirth


Experience a calm and emotionally balanced pregnancy by releasing fears, stress and tension...

Esteban helps surrogate mothers maintain an emotional, physical and mental balance from the beginning of their IVF process until after the delivery of the baby.

When embarking on this journey, most of the Surrogate Mothers are not aware of how emotional this process can be. They enter with the desire of helping childless couples or individuals reach their dream of having a family. For a first-time surrogate mother, who had no issues conceiving her own children and who experienced an easy and uneventful pregnancy, it is hard to believe that this new way of bringing babies into the world can be surrounded by an array of emotions affecting the success of the pregnancy and the well being of the baby.  

The pressure, stress, fear, and anxiety behind this medical process and the demands on the surrogate’s daily life (children, job, husband/partner, intended parents needs and expectations) can be overwhelming. 

These high levels of stress increase the production of cortisol in the body leading to a lower immune system, higher blood pressure, blood sugar imbalance, and sleep disruption. All of this  lowers the chances of a successful embryo transfer and creates a hostile environment for the developing baby during the pregnancy. 

Esteban applies two powerful techniques, Hypnotherapy and Energy Psychology. Both techniques aim to help lower the levels of stress and anxiety, resolve fears and restore the mind/body balance, fostering relaxation and creating a calm and peaceful environment for the unborn child