***** I've seen Esteban for hypnotherapy at least three different times, and each session was completely unique and undeniably transformational. I went in for help with some anger issues as well as some skin problems (eczema) that could not be solved with any kind of diet or medicine. Esteban helped me dig deep to reveal some underlying issues that I had suppressed and blocked out/ignored for a very long time.

He has an uncanny ability to make you feel thoroughly safe and secure in order to be as receptive to new ideas and thoughts as possible. Esteban has SO much to offer - sometimes we did regression therapy and other times we did some much-needed body work to release some extremely deep emotions I had been storing in my heart and physical body.

Esteban will ALWAYS make sure you are comfortable with the method of therapy during any particular session, and will leave it completely open to what you want. He will target your needs without imposing any of his own beliefs, and utilize so many different kinds of resources and healing modalities. His expertise expands so much more beyond hypnotherapy - Esteban is truly a world class healer. After each session I felt so much lighter and more capable to handle the situations causing me stress and/or anxiety.

I would HIGHLY recommend Esteban and his services to anyone who wants to experience a professional healing session. His ability to make you feel seen, heard and ultimately safe in the world is unlike any other I've experienced. 5+ stars for this intuit and healer, thank you SO MUCH Esteban for all of your help.

Sonia (9/2018, Santa Clara, CA)

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***** Our son Niko is allergic to a lot of things, but he has life-threatening allergies to all nuts, sesame seeds and shellfish.  Since he was also allergic to dairy, I continued to breastfeed him until he was 18 months old, cutting out the aforementioned allergens in my diet as well.  Unfortunately, we didn’t know at the time that he was allergic to other things that I may have been consuming or things that were simply in his environment and he would get horrible eczema on his face and body that would often be so bad it would bleed at times (see the picture 9/24/12).

Esteban educated me on his belief that some allergies originate neonatally due to traumatic experiences while in the womb.  As I ate peanut butter and hummus (i.e., sesame paste) almost daily throughout my pregnancy and experienced a lot of stress as well including:  working full-time with a toddler at home, studying for my State and National Board licensing exams, and then going into early labor at 33 weeks of my pregnancy when I was placed on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy, I concluded this was a good working hypothesis.  

Esteban began by doing muscle testing with me to ascertain when during the pregnancy the trauma may have occurred.  At the end he asked me to remember what my pregnancy was like around the 25th week.  As my math is horrible, I had to figure out how many months that was and then count forward from the time of conception.  I almost couldn’t believe it, 25 weeks was when we were in ICU with my two year old who had fractured her skull (the most traumatic event of my life thus far).  I had experienced contractions and bleeding at the time, but didn’t get treatment as I couldn’t bear to leave my daughter’s side and they resolved on their own.

Esteban worked with Niko and I that morning, using different forms of hypnotherapy and tapping.  At the end of the session, I told Esteban that maybe it was just wishful thinking but, Niko’s cheeks looked significantly better to me.  The irritated skin was almost flaking off and by the next day the dead skin had flaked off with healthy skin underneath almost like magic (see picture 10/7/12).  I couldn’t believe it!

While we still take our Epi Pen everywhere we go, I truly believe that our work with Esteban may help us to hopefully never have to use it.  Niko has since mistakenly consumed a bite of a peanut butter cookie and while his face broke out in hives immediately, there was no swelling of his lips or tongue and he did not experience any trouble breathing.  Thankfully an MD was present and monitored Niko.  We were able to treat him with the maximum dose of Benedryl without needing to use the Epi Pen.

I am so grateful to have Esteban as a resource and highly recommend him to anyone.  He was extremely professional and able to develop a strong rapport quickly with my then one year-old son.  Our family will always hold a special place in our hearts for Esteban.

Kat H. (Psychologist in San Diego, CA)


***** I was referred to Esteban by a life coach whom my wife and I engaged for guidance in retirement planning. This coach knew me from previous work with me at the height of my mojo, and remarked that issues draining me were the same as those encountered years before. She suggested I engage Esteban in some “hypnotherapy” and be prepared for what comes up, to get the work done that has held me back. 

I am not new to altered states of consciousness induced via brain wave entrainment or self-hypnosis. In fact, I have developed therapies for others based upon these techniques. Though skeptical regarding the outcome, I engaged Esteban with an open mind. 

Results from psychical therapeutic interventions are subjectively experiential and difficult to quantify. So, testifying that I feel more centered, empowered, and energized to face the daily challenges that before meeting with Esteban would chain me to the bed with the dreads doesn’t mean much. 

The measurable differences are: 1) Dramatically improved personal hygiene including greater care with dental health, physical appearance. 2) I’ve lost about 20 pounds implementing and adhering painlessly to a strict measurement of food intake. 3) Exercise to push my heart rate into the zone 4 times a week. 4) Markedly greater productivity in job searching (I’ve had three different job interviews after a stretch of more than a year of nothing. 5) Better organization in space and time. 

Are all of these improvements due solely to Esteban’s interventions? Who knows. But why does that matter. The improvements are real and objectively measurable. My feeling better is just icing on the cake.

JK (7/2016 Bay Area, CA)



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***** I was so impressed about every session I had with Esteban! With each session I gain more and more clarity about how my thoughts are impacting my body, I am experiencing a level of awareness that allows me to see how I am creating the stress in my body and gives me the choice to disengage from it. Thank you Esteban for the work you do and I am so grateful you came to Bay Area. We need you here!

Ioana (2/2016 Los Gatos, CA)



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